galae, the ethical and free pay-per-use e-mail service

Standard, interoperable e-mails and a service entirely based on self-hosting ready technologies

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E-mails delivered, in line with standards

  • Our platform natively supports DKIM, SPF and DMARC.
  • Interact with your e-mails, address books and calendars via IMAP, POP3, CalDAV and CardDAV standard protocols.
  • We offer SIEVE filters, aliases and fine-tuned quota management.
  • We pay close attention to the deliverability of your e-mails.

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Your data is safe

  • Our infrastructure is exclusively located in France.
  • We comply with the GDPR and make sure we do so for the long term. We are supported by a specialist consultancy: Cosipé.
  • Our redundant hardware infrastructure ensures the continuity of your data.
  • Your data is backed up off-site; backups are redundant.

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You are autonomous and sovereign. We support you.

  • Fine-tuned e-mail management interface: create/delete mailboxes, aliases, SIEVE filters, quotas, etc.
  • Community self-help platform.
  • Helpdesk support provided by the galae team.
  • Optional: guaranteed response time, professional phone support.
  • We only use free software and open protocols to ensure interoperability.

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Offers and prices

The galae offer is based on the 4 following offers:

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Why did I decide to create the galae service?

Like many of you, I noticed a gradual deterioration in the quality of email services and an increase in prices.

This situation, along with the projects we are conducting with algoo on behalf of our clients, led me to launch an email service that complies with standards, relying exclusively on open-source software and, of course, respecting user data.

When I asked them, clients requested:

  • a flexible service billed based on actual usage - indexed on storage volume and sending volume,
  • a close and trustworthy relationship manifested through real, human, local customer support,
  • the provision of tools for autonomous management of email accounts.

We built the service with the team, with the community, with our clients, for our clients.

And it will continue to be this way.

Despite criticism, email remains the backbone of the majority of information systems. We — algoo — are here to accompany you on this journey with our service for Autonomous and Free Management of Email Addresses.

Damien ACCORSI, dirigeant algoo et créateur galae
algoo CEO and creator of galae

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